Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Days

I have managed to visit a few classrooms over the last few days and I have seen some wonderful classroom environments evolving. Teachers are embracing the ideas of 'spaces' and secret spaces are the most creative.
In this classroom Lynne has made a 'Secret Garden'. There is a closed in area for students where they can go to be reflective.

She has also included a secret door which leads into a small enclosed area, just big enough for one student.

Here is a guided tour of Lynne's classroom, photos taken by Lynne

Sara and Jan have gone with a nature theme as well.

And Kimberley has come up with this idea.

Shaun has created several spaces in his Year 8 Classroom.

Dave is concentrating on his 'online spaces' at the moment.

Everybody else are doing exciting things as well, which will be documented on their classroom pages on the e-Learning wiki.

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