Monday, September 26, 2011

e-Learning Conversations

What a fabulous sharing and learning day. On Saturday the 24th of September we had our inaugural e-Learning Conversation's day. Point View school kindly hosted this 'free' event and teachers attended of their own volition.

So... what was different about this day? 

  • Each session was lead by teachers who volunteered to talk about something they were doing their in classroom. 
  • For some of these teachers it was the first time for them to talk publicly about what they do in their classroom.
  • In each session I could hear real conversations going on, questions, answers, sharing of similar or different experiences, new ideas. 
  • In most cases there were no presentations, just teachers showing photos of their classroom, websites they used, examples of work with students... and talking. 
  • It was very relaxed...teachers could come and go as they like.
  • This was not talking about what you could do in your classroom or in your Professional Learning, this was about what real teachers are doing right now!
It was a small group of 42 teachers from 16 different schools, 13 from our e-Learning PLN. The rest of the teachers had heard about it and opted to join in.

This I would consider is the best Professional Learning you can have... teachers who are passionate about their craft that they would give up one of their Saturdays to talk to like minded teachers from different schools all over Auckland.
Talking... Conversations... Face to Face...Fabulous Professional Development and Learning for all!

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  1. It was an amazing day of learning and great conversation, thank you.