Monday, May 13, 2013

Walk the talk Clevedon Day One

Today was my first day in Room 7 a year 5/6 classroom 1-1 iPad class. They also have 6 laptops, 3 standalones, one projector and one tv with an Apple TV box. I am going to be working with them for 2 weeks and from the 3rd day, teachers from all over Auckland will be coming for a look.

There was great excitement as new furniture had arrived! Once they had all settled down I introduced them to the wiki I had made that was going to be the portal for all their learning.
Walk the Talk

The hardest part of the day was getting the students to download the various Google Docs to their iPads. I hadn't been able to set up Teacher Dashboard yet or get access to the students accounts, which would have allowed me to send the documents en masse to all of the students and place them in the correct folders. As it was, it was good exercise for them to learn how to download, make a copy, rename and put into the correct folders ready for the day tomorrow.

During Writing time I worked with a couple of groups showing them how to download their Inspiration mindmap 'Narrative Writing Framework' ready for tomorrow and they then went on and taught others in the class.

During reading time, I showed them their 'ongoing' tasks.
Chapter Title assignment 
this is where they have to predict what they think the chapter is about, once they have read the chapter, they then need to do an adjustment.
There has been some difficulty with students' parents downloading the books for Kindle. I have worked out if you set up new account with Amazon and then try to find book you want to download, it either will not be found or will say that title is unavailable. Once you add your credit
card details, it seems to open up to most books.

Vocab Log As the students read through the chapter, they highlight the words they don't know and then add them to their vocab log, writing dictionary meanings and writing sentences with the words in context.

The students were quite good at downloading links, making copies and saving in folders at this stage. Once they had done that, they were able to have a look around the maths wiki page.

Now that students have all the documents we need, we should be able to start the full programme tomorrow.

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