Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Walk the Talk Day Eight

What I have particularly enjoyed in my time at Clevedon,  is having the opportunities to look at how children learn, identify what are some of the difficulties they have and thinking about the 'what' and 'how' I can assist them. An example is using the Telescopic Text last Friday which has helped the students to think about expanding their sentences using more adjectives and verbs. Some students are having difficulties sequencing their myths and legends so tomorrow I am going to get them to screen shot or copy the text from an original myth, insert into Notability and let them use the highlighting and pen tools to identify all the different parts of the structure of the story, then they will use the Narrative Framework to plan their writing.

This student is reading her next Myth and 'writing' down the facts/information on a piece of paper!

Most of the students like to publish their work in Book Creator, but from tomorrow I am going to introduce them to more ways. I am going to take one students piece of writing and present it in several different ways. As they decide what they want to use, I will only show those students how to get started and they will become my teachers for the rest of the other children when they are ready to learn how to do it.

I really think the Kindle App has been a huge success for reading. Gradually students are starting to use the dictionary within the app to help them to decipher meaning and how it fits into the context of the sentence. They are also being exposed to the 'there is more than one meaning for that word'. They read the meaning then look to see if it fits in the context of the story, if it doesn't then read the next definition etc.
I showed one student today how to take notes within the story and then she went on to share with the rest of the group. They are expected to come with some notes on the next chapter when we have our novel study group meeting.

Rebecca, the teacher of the class, started the Transformation Workshop using the projector with the group of students who had identified as their learning goals 'translation, rotation and reflection. It wasn't long before she was able to leave them to carry on as they were managing their learning well, working together as a collaborative group. She was then able to move around the class working with individuals and small groups, whilst still being able to keep an eye on the Transformation Group.

I ran a voluntary 'Tessellation with Pages' group (instructions in above Workshop) Those students that attended learned how to translate, rotate, flip, duplicate etc in Pages on their iPads. Their task is to see how many shapes they can get to tessellate with each other. They can use the computers as well which will give them more choices. On Friday I will show them how they can draw their own shapes and tessellate them as well using Escher Images as examples.

Most of the students are able to collect their information, reference it and store it in Notability.

A few are more excited by the prospect of presenting their work in which ever way they would like...mostly Minecraft! I have said to them that they have to collect all information first, and then tell me how they are going to be able to present this in a way, that will inform viewers about 'What were the Systems Ancient Romans invented?' One child has started in Minecraft by creating his drainage system with sign posts that give you the information about how it was done!

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