Monday, May 20, 2013

Walk the Talk Day Six

Another busy day with excited, motivated students.

After talking about Vivid Verbs in writing, the children set to their work. A few students have started on their second story and lots are ready to conference and publish. Several have posted to the 'Myths and Legends blog' and some are working on Book Creator. Here is one example of a finished book.

We had an internet outage for about 15 minutes today, but students were able to carry on with non digital activities or ones on the iPad or computer that do not need internet. One of the activities was to make Maori patterns (tessellations). I had suggested some programmes students could use, but I had one student come up and show me how he had used the iOrnament app for his patterns.
Pretty Good I thought!

Part of the research process today was to find resources on the 'systems' of Rome and note down titles, authors, page numbers and URLs if they are from the Internet. It was interesting to note that nearly all of the students went for the books first rather than the websites. Most of the students used Notability to store their references.


  1. Hi Jacqui, How did you get your book from book creator onto slideshare?


  2. Hi Dave
    export as a PDF, then upload to Slideshare

    1. Awesome, thanks for your help! Loving your work!