Thursday, May 16, 2013

Walk the Talk Day Four

Another great day today where the students are starting to move with the flow. Almost all of the  students can find their Google Docs fairly quickly and their organisation skills are developing well.

We looked at Telescopic text to begin with as most of the students need to develop their sentences and expand them. The students were amazed at how 'I made tea' turned into a full story all about tea. We had a quick look at expanding one of the sentences from our story using the Telescopic text Writing page. I am turning this into a group activity for tomorrow. I will give them all the same sentence and turn it into a challenge. There are 9 computers which will allow 3 students to each computer.
One of the students finished her writing today so she was able to publish it to our Myths and Legends blog.

  The clipart she has used comes from the fantastic website which is full of wonderful resources and free clipart for children. Eventually students will start creating their own clipart. They have learned how to create clipart using Keynote on the iPad and at the end of each day I give them a quick 5 minutes lesson on how to draw cartoons. I use 'How to Draw Cartoons' by Brian Platt ($2.99
Kindle on

This photo shows the students peer editing using the TV and AppleTV. They have mirrored their iPads to screen.
They also discovered to their amazement that they could mirror their mac laptops and iMac as well!

The students are enjoying all 4 books and are making slow progress through them. Having to write up their vocab log and prediction mindmap has slowed them down, but once they have mastered these they will be able to get onto the other activities. It is quite clear that a lot of the class need to work on vocab and the vocab log is making that very apparent! I make the vocab log a focus when the students join me for their group time, and they all participate in helping each other making sense of the words. Using the Kindle 'search' tool (I spoke about this in detail in my last post) that brings up where the word is in context and then tapping on the word to get the dictionary is starting to help them in deciphering meaning.

Some of the student work is starting to come through now, and they are making nets, doing worksheets, playing maths games and doing a little book work. In their group work we will revisit and look at if they are choosing all the fun games or choosing activities that fit their learning goals.
A couple of boys have discovered that they could draw using the isometric paper.

Here are some of the Shape animals they have made

Looking ahead to what the students might want to do with their Inquiry, I asked some of the boys to make Pyramids in Minecraft. Some of them already had, but very happily went ahead and made some more. I was amazed at how articulate they were when they were showing me what they made, how they made it and how to navigate through the chambers and tunnels. I am quite excited about what they will come up with once they know more about the systems of their chosen Ancient Civilisation.

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  1. Hi Room 7 and Jacqui

    Thank you so much for allowing some of the teachers from Point View School to visit your class for the morning on Tuesday. You were all wonderful hosts and were extremely good at explaining to us what you were learning and showing us how efficiently you used your e-Learning tools to carry out your learning. I was impressed at how well you stayed on task especially with so many strangers walking in and out and around your room.
    It was fantastic to see a class of enthusiastic learners working collaboratively, all participating and very much contributing to the lessons, peer assessing, achieving success and independently choosing learning activities that related to their learning.

    And guess what? My class love Classdojo! We started using it on Friday!
    You have also convinced me that we will have to get google teacher dashboard in our Year 3 class!

    Keep up the great work! Jacqui is fantastic to work with!

    If you get the chance you are very welcome to come and visit us at Point View School.

    From Mrs Laburn
    Room 14 - Kids with a view
    Point View School